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Meet President Riordan

Adelphi's 10th President is an internationally recognized expert in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and team performance.

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Meet President Riordan

An internationally recognized expert in leadership development, diversity and inclusion and team performance.
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Message from the President

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Transforming Our Students. And Our University, Too.

When I became president of Adelphi in 2015, I knew this was a remarkable university. Small classes, professors who know your name, a passionate commitment to each student succeeding, no matter what their background, ability, interest or income. I saw lives changing for the better, all around me.

This month, I wanted to tell you about how we are working together toward a very powerful and transformative new goal: to move Adelphi University from being a regionally known university into a nationally and globally known modern metropolitan university, able to transform the lives of all its students.

I invite you to look at our new plan at and explore the six goals all of us at Adelphi believe will lay the path for a strong future.

This strategic plan, appropriate for a place of learning, comes with its own report card. You will be able to check back anytime and see the progress we are making on each important initiative.

All the best, 
Signed by Dr. Riordan
Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.

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