100-Day Listening Tour

What I learned in my first 100 Days

Thank you to everyone who shared thoughts and ideas at my 100-Day Listening Tour dialogue sessions and through feedback using my website form. Many common themes emerged during this process.

Students, faculty and alumni stressed the importance of offering a world-class educational experience for our students, pursuing opportunities for enrollment growth with quality, and enhancing our reputation and brand not only in our region, but across the country and around the world.

Additionally, I heard from many of you that:

  • Adelphi offers a beautiful main campus, located next to the greatest city in the world, with dynamic learning hubs (satellite centers) around the state.
  • While we have a long history with deep roots, we are modern in our thinking.
  • When talking about our campus community, words like smart, scrappy, accomplished and eminently likable are routinely used.
  • We are a community dedicated to student success.
  • The University has unlimited potential.

I could not agree more.

Now that the tour has concluded, I have asked several members of our faculty and staff to build upon this important discovery work. To that end I have convened several work groups to move our agenda forward in the weeks and months ahead. You can learn more about these groups and their charges here.

I have been inspired by the honest and active participation in our efforts to date. I will be keeping the campus updated through regular emails, my campus newsletter and through this website. Please continue to share your ideas via email at president@adelphi.edu.

Our community is enriched through your active engagement.

All the best, 
Signed by Dr. Riordan
Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.

2015 Listening Tour Events

  • July 1: Launch of Online Feedback Form
  • July 20: Launch of 100-Day Listening Tour
  • July 22: Executive leadership retreat
  • July 28: Dialogue series kickoff
  • August 27: Deans’ leadership retreat
  • September 2: Second dialogue event
  • September 10: Alumni Council
  • September 16: Third dialogue event
  • September 20–21: Board of Trustees meeting
  • September 24: Senior leadership and faculty retreat
  • October 1: Fourth dialogue event
  • October 14: Campus planning
  • October 21: Dialogue with students
  • October 26: Faculty meeting
  • October 27: End of 100-Day Listening Tour


From the feedback obtained through the dialogue sessions and through the online submission form, the following strengths and opportunities emerged.

The Adelphi Advantage

These unique attributes define what sets Adelphi apart.

Student success is at the heart of what we do.
People here really care and want to see you succeed.

We teach in dynamic learning hubs.
Garden City, Manhattan, Suffolk County, Hudson Valley, online and around world.

Our faculty members are leaders.
The faculty is the heart of any university.

Our panther pride is strong.
Pride in Adelphi suffuses our community.

Social issues are core to our DNA.
A strong commitment to our community and the sustainability of our world.

Your Adelphi degree is powerful.
We offer you the knowledge you’ll need and the wisdom to know how to best apply it.

People make the place.
Adelphi is a person-centered university.


  • Become a thriving, modern, metropolitan university:
    • One community, multiple locations, same excellence (create state-of-the-art learning hubs, including online)
    • Global reach, global community, global ready
    • Dedicated to student success
    • Leading-edge excellence in academic programs
    • Access and affordability
    • Networked and deeply connected
    • A collaborative, engaged, diverse and inclusive community
  • Leverage our contemporary liberal education and professional programs
  • Develop a distinctive identity for Adelphi.
  • Create a long-term sustainable and diversified business model.

Listening Tour Committee

Charge: In July 2015, President Riordan launched a 100-Day Listening Tour to solicit input from students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and members of the broader community. The Listening Tour Committee received and compiled the data from the live dialogue sessions, as well as the feedback obtained through an online form and via email, in order to identify trends, key themes and points of pride as well as to develop a foundational assessment for the Input Committee.

Elizabeth Gross Cohn, Lead
Director, Center for Health Innovation
Lori Hoeffner
Director of Assessment, Office of Research, Assessment and Planning
Jacques Barber
Dean, Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies
A. Brian Leander
Assistant Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Lawrence Hobbie
Associate Provost for Administration
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